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Are You Planning Ahead?

Looking back over the last few years it would seem there has been a massive shift in demand for lead types, lead volumes and lead consistency! Several years ago how many mortgage brokers were falling over themselves for subprime remortgage leads - bidding on some of the 'auction' lead sites hitting £300+ per lead. But where are all of these subprime brokerages now? TML & Black & White to name but two. It goes without saying that the recession caused by subprime lending also ended this 'free for all' & license to make money. The emphasis has now shifted and these subprime leads are now worth much less and it is the prime remortgage market that is expanding in terms of lead demand.

If you are reading this then we assume you are still in the market as an IFA or Broker, whether this be mortgages, life insurance, pensions or any other financial service. So what have you learnt?

i) Are you still fishing around each month searching for leads or a good lead supplier?
ii) What is your expereince of lead suppliers? Do you trust them?
iii) In the last 2, 3, 5 years has your business grown, stood still or taken a bit of a dive?

We at Premier Leads get many 'phone calls/enquiries which would suggest the answer to i) is Yes. We are then often presented with 'I've tried all the main lead suppliers and they're useless, why are you different?' which suggests the answer to question ii) is No! And has your business grown in the last 2, 3 or 5 years? If not why not? Is the old adage not that in business you have to 'grow to stand still'?

Premier Leads was founded 8 years ago with just 3 main clients. Instead of offering a 'buy as you go' lead service we set up a bespoke service with each of these 3 clients which got them involved with the IT & lead generation side of things on a much closer and more intimate level. With this service came a mutual understanding and trust of what both parties were trying to achieve. Premier Leads trying to provide good quality and consistency, and the client trying to optimise the return on the leads. Needless to say it has worked. All three of these clients more than doubled in size in less than 2 years, and have continued to grow. Taking on more staff and in two cases (one mortgage brokerage and one annuity advisor) trebling the volume of leads (signed/written testimonials of these cases available on request) and growing their businesses. One client has recently sold their business for a substantial amount of money and put this down, to a large part, to the consistent supply of good quality leads from Premier Leads!

How has this benefitted Premier Leads? By working closely with these clients we have helped grow them from small clients to larger clients who are therefore buying more leads. Not to mention that the best 'leads' we can get ourselves are from referals from these clients. We now have several more clients adopting this model who are experiencing the same stable, steady growth. They don't have to spend time worrying about where their leads will come from and how much they will cost - they know this! Furthermore we are currently in the process of becoming the exclusive lead supplier to one of the UK's largest Networks and an Insurance Provider.

In all cases we ensure we fully understand the present and future requirements of our clients and we will not commit if we feel we cannot deliver. Furthermore we will put in place a legal contract to help 'future proof' your lead supply and help you plan your future growth! It will be as close as you could get to having your own 'in house' lead generation without having the burden of the cost & time that this would entail.

Do You Want To Speak To Us?

Buying leads is not for everybody and perhaps if you fall into the category of 'I've tried all the main lead suppliers and they're useless, why are you different?' then maybe it's not for you. But if you are an SME or larger company looking for reasonable volumes of leads every month then why not speak to us? We will insist on meeting you before supplying you leads. We feel this face to face contact is important and helps each party understand each other's objectives and build up trust. We would far rather have a repeat buyer coming back month after month than spend time finding new clients. Likewise we assume you'd rather have the consistency and not have to spend hours or days every month scouring around trying to find leads.

What Is A Lead?

What Is A Lead? The three clients mentioned above all understand that leads have to be judged by volume. You may get 100 leads and convert 25% (typical of annuity leads). But, of the other 75 there may be any number of reasons why they don't convert (changed their mind, already have a quote, fees too high etc).

The whole picture has to be viewed in that the 100 leads may have cost you £4000-£5000, so you could regard that 75% of that was wasted, but how much have you earned from that £4000-£5000? If you were to make, on average, £1000 per case, then your return on investment is 500%-600%. And this is exactly what our current clients are achieving!

Don't make the sale? - Diarise* a callback in 3 months time! Again, our most succesful clients have found that they will increase their sales by doing this. Some of your prospects may be busy people and when initially enquiring haven't fully thought things through. But, take a life insurance policy for instance, not something they necessarily need to do but a gentle reminder from time to time may encourage them in your direction. What about remortgages? Couldn't beat their current deal in January 2010? What about a call or an email about the latest July 2010 deals you can now offer?

*For £10 per user per month we can (via our technical partner) supply you with a CRM system that is second to none. FREE demo available - currently being used by Simply Finance and trialled by several other clients this is another reason why our clients are doing so well. Simply Finance have quoted that this has reduced admin and increased efficiency several times over!

In Conclusion

The above gives some of the reasons why our clients are growing, and have done so against the odds amidst the worst recession for a generation. Yes, the quality of the lead matters, but so does the quality of what's done with that lead - speed of response, customer service, looking for other sales opportunities. This is why our clients don't waste time scouring the net for leads each month (they're too busy) and this is why they have all grown so phenomenally in the last two years.


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