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Lead Distribution & Examples

Our leads are distributed in real time. The moment a prospect submits an enquiry that matches your requirements the lead is sent to you by email. You also have the option of a live SMS notification and your leads can be viewed and printed off in your personal login area.

Obviously we have no knowledge of how the prospect may respond when you call them and a lot will depend on your own sales skills and the service you offer. Whether you offer a fee free service may be a deciding factor and we have no control and cannot guarantee anything beyond sending you the enquiry that has been submitted. One important factor is how quickly you respond. Your chances of converting the lead will at least double if you call immediately. If you don't, and the prospect has submitted other enquiries elsewhere your conversion rate will be very low.

Please note that we do price the leads by volume. There is no such thing as a perfect lead and you must consider the order as a whole and not analyse each individual lead and why it didn't convert. We know that these leads work for many brokers because of the returning business. But we cannot guarantee that they will work for you.

Please note all the examples below are real leads with the contact details removed. Note that (as with the first example - a remortgage) that the opportunity for other sales is identified (life insurance, buildings and contents, debt management). Because a prospect submits an enquiry for a remortgage it may be that the best advice you can give is to 'stay put', particularly in the current climate. But our most successful clients conducting a full and thorough fact find have reported that they can always offer the prospect something.

Remortgage Example

Name: Mrs. N XXXX
Date of Birth: 13/08/1978

Phone Number: 01234567898
Alternative Phone Number: 01234567898
Email Address:
Address Line 1: XXXXXXXXXXX
Address Line 2: XXXXXXXXXX
Town/City: XXXXXX
Postcode: XXX XXX

  Single or Joint Application: Single
  Amount Required: £143,000.00
  Mortgage Amount Outstanding: £143,000.00
  Property Value: £200,000.00
  Current Lender: Bristol and West
  Secured Loans: £0.00
  Unsecured Loans: £8000.00
  Purpose of Loan: to get a fix rate
  Credit History: No Adverse Credit
  Employment Status: Employed (full time)
  Occupation: police staff
  Gross Annual Income: £26,000.00
  Problems Proving Income?: No
  Second Applicant Problems Proving Income?: No
  Employer: met police
  Number of Dependants: 1
  Current Mortgage Payment: £966.00
  Mortgage Type: Repayment
  Year Property Bought: 2006
  Purchase Price: £176,000.00
  Property Type: Terrace
  Number of Bedrooms: 2
  Remortgaged Before?: No
  Mortgage Types of Interest: Fixed Rate
  Monthly Disposable Income: £834.00
  Interested in Life Insurance?: Yes
  Interested in Buildings & Contents Insurance?: Yes
  Application Type: Remortgage

Annuity Example

Date of Birth: 25/02/1949

Phone Number: 01234567891
Email Address:
Address Line 1: 19 XXXXXXX
Town/City: Gosport
Postcode: XXXXXXXX

  Preferred Contact Time: Daytime
  Marital Status: Married
  Amount of fund being used to provide annuity: £140,000.00
  Is the above figure Before or After your Tax Free Sum?: Before
  Marketing Permission: Y
  Do you know if any of the funds are contracted out or protected rights?: Non-protected rights
  Current Pension Provider: standard life
  Type of pension: Personal Pension Plan
  Annuity type: Joint life 50% spouses
  Guaranteed period: 5 years
  Escalation: None
  Retirement Date: 25/02/2009
  Are you a smoker?: No
  How is your health?: Good
  Date of Birth of Partner: 09/12/51
  Partner is a smoker?: No
  Health of Partner?: Good
  Help Type: I would like advice in relation to my retirement.

Commercial Mortgage Example


Date of Birth: 16/06/1970

Phone Number: 01234567898
Alternative Phone Number: 07777888888
Email Address:
Address Line 2: Hildenborough
Town/City: Tonbridge
Postcode: XXXXX

  Single or Joint Application: Single
  Mortgage Amount Required: £1,000,000.00
  Property Value: £1,250,000.00
  Freehold or Leasehold?: Freehold
  Property Type: Other
  Property Type (Other): Flats
  Credit History: No Adverse Credit
  Gross Annual Income: £0.00
  Second Applicant Income: £0.00
  Number of Dependants: 0
  Current Mortgage Payment: £0.00
  Purchase Price: £0.00
  Monthly Disposable Income: £0.00
  Interested in Commercial Insurance?: Yes
  Business Turnover (Year 3): £3,000,000.00
  Business Turnover (Year 2): £2,000,000.00
  Business Turnover (Year 1): £1,000,000.00
  Business Employees: 11-50
  Nature of Business: Property Development

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