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About Us

We currently supply thousands of TRUSTED bespoke financial leads every month and with dozens of satisfied clients from the smallest of local IFAs to some of the largest brokers and networks in the country.

We will always take on any feedback and act on it where we feel it appropriate. However, we are not miracle workers and we will always be realistic in managing your expectation of our leads. Our leads are generated through prospects actively searching for your service. However, that does not mean you get a perfect lead every time and you must consider the performance of the leads and how you treat the prospect, for instance:-

1) High fees will deter clients.
2) Speed of response - if you leave a lead for any length of time before contacting them the chances are you will lose the sale.
3) Looking for other sales opportunities. If the mortgage the prospect already has cannot be bettered does the client have other needs? Can you save them money on their life or buildings & contents insurance? Do they have an up to date will? Are they being crippled by credit or store card debt and can they de helped with this (possibly a debt management scheme)?

Our most successful clients feed back to us that they do not try to make a sale at the first appointment (whether this be a telephone appointment or a visit). They complete a full and thorough fact find and any sale will be made on the second appointment.

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