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Current Lead Availability

ANNUITY/DRAWDOWN/AT RETIREMENT: We currently have availabilty for 100-200 (per month) at retirement leads. Leads priced @ £55.00 on a no refund basis (we estimate less than 10%-20% invalid). All leads are generated from Google Adwords advertising, so these prospects are actively searching for your advice! Average fund value £73k.

i) Minimum order 30 leads national coverage only.
ii) All leads exclusive - we do not remarket to your leads and each lead is sent to 1 client only. So the leads are your property and you have a client for life!
iii) 24/7
iv) We will not over commit, so this offer is on a first come first serve basis. Provided your lead requirement is continuous we will protect your volumes and will not sell out for a higher offer.

Our competitors offer these leads (of all fund sizes) at £85.00-£135.00 so we believe this offers a unique opportunity and excellent value to help grow your business.

LIFE INSURANCE: National coverage @ £60.00*, approx. 10-20 leads a day Monday-Saturday (Sunday if required). Approx. 100-150 leads per week available. Minimum order 50 leads.

(*Please note this is a no refund price).

Ideally we are looking for 1 or 2 clients for each of the lead types above who are flexible in the volumes required (ie you may get 20 one day and 10 the next).

Secured Loan: National only @ £55.00 per lead, 100-200 p/m available.
Prime Remortgage: £45.00 on national basis (minimum order 100).
Adverse Remortgage: £45.00 on national basis (minimum order 20).
Purchase Mortgage: £20.00 (minimum order 50) national only.

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What We Do

Premier Leads is a specialist internet lead generation business supplying thousands of trusted bespoke financial leads every month and with dozens of satisfied clients from small local IFAs to some of the largest intermediaries, networks, and providers in the country.

Our applicants are proactively searching the web for the specific product they need. Our websites are designed to make it clear to the applicant that once they complete our online form they will be contacted by an adviser to take them through the process. Having completed our online form they receive an email and a text message confirming their application and advising the name and contact details of the Adviser. As a lead buyer you receive an email and can opt to receive SMS alerts every time a lead comes to you, and our lead management system allows you to log in anytime anywhere to review the full details of all leads you have ever received.

Why Are We Different To Other Lead Providers?

  • Small team of experts
  • over 15 years experience in Financial Services lead generation
  • Repeat big name buyers & small intermediaries alike
  • Transparent lead source of high quality, high converting leads

  • What We Don’t Do

    We aren’t interested in competing with the same-old familiar names in lead generation, who struggle to satisfy the thousands of buyers across multiple lead types. We prefer to supply a sensible number of Advisers with high quality leads, even if they cost slightly more. Our buyers are happy because they know they are receiving consistent quality leads instead of wasting time trawling through refunds and duff leads, and worrying over unreliable volumes.

    We Don’t

  • Cold call
  • Use viral marketing
  • Use banners ads
  • Use pop-ups


    If you are a broker or advisor looking for high volumes of leads (more than 100 per month) on a regular basis please call us to discuss on 01277 418107 to see if we can reduce your costs further!

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